Carole Roper is the owner of Roper Digital Designs. Carole studied for two years at Hollings College for the Fashion Industry in England and started a career as a fashion designer.  She earned the City and Guilds of London Institute Certificate for Dress Design and Manufacture and designed garments for fashion shows and department stores in Manchester for some years.She emigrated to Canada in the early seventies, but quickly found out there wasn't much call for fashion designers in the local area.

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A few years of working in an office environment in the early days of computers gave Carole the inspiration to design web sites, and eventually in the nineties she formed Roper Digital Designs and worked strictly within the field of web design and design for print. The web design field is constantly changing and is very different from when Carole first started in 1995.

Carole has taken many web and graphic design courses and is a member of the HTML Writers Guild and the International Association of Web Masters and Designers. She also has certification in Photoshop and Dreamweaver as well as word processing, spreadsheets and database management.

Carole also obtained some of her skills through endless hours of studying the internet instead of enjoying a social life. She has also spent many hours studying the latest trends in graphic design, photo restoration, logo design, banner design and print design.

Carole has designed many web sites over the past two decades, and we invite you to look at our portfolio page which highlights just a few.

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